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About Community Service Help

Our mission is simple. We are helping communities by helping those that are at-risk within those communities find an alternate way in which to serve their community service. We are allowing these individuals to take a bad situation that would have cost them time, money, and possibly their jobs and allowing them to improve themselves through education. At the same time we are also allowing them to perform their service without having to be separated from their families.

The original idea of Connecticut Community Service was to help those at risk individuals that were most in need of a helping hand. We knew from research that those sentenced to community service can either be helped toward never re-entering the court system or be aggravated and lost to an downward spiral of further offenses. Capturing these individuals while their offenses are still light enough for community service and then showing these individuals how to improve their lives through education and positive interactions is a single powerful way to lower recidivism and to improve lives.

The entire educational model was built as an interactive progressive learning tool that would take the at-risk person and show them that they can make positive decisions, that they can lead a life that is beneficial to the surrounding community, and avoid ever having to interact with the court system again. Our system takes these individuals and interjects them into a community organization that is concerned with their well being and this organization, by sponsoring the sentenced individual, is fulfilling their mission to their local community.

Through education we seek to show hope and caring to those that need it most.

We Will Save You Money

The problem with the current ways in which court ordered community service is administered is that it places a heavy financial burden on the one who is serving. This is rarely discussed within the court system but it is a major problem and reason why so many people fail to complete their service. Consider how one of our customers, Cheri, who was sentenced to ninety hours of community service for unpaid traffic tickets. If she had not known about CT Community Service she would have lost about $1,700 by meeting the courts sentence. That would have devastated her and may have even made it so she would have lost her job. But with our community service alternative she was able to stay home with her daughter and complete everything without missing a day of work. The entire ordeal cost her less than $50. Saving time, money, and the jobs of people like Cheri is why we exist.

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